SafetyNet Services - NetLog

Netlog is an enterprise safety net software application for Windows for tracking safety nets and other equipment; featuring office and warehouse modules, equipment records, an intelligent booking system, full usage traceability, damage and repair histories, an inspection management interface, barcode support and numerous reports to allow you to efficiently manage your equipment.

Huck Nets - Stock Management System

A referral from an existing client in the SafetyNet rental industry put us in contact with the manufacturer. Huck Nets UK Ltd manufactures and sells a number of different styles of nets including safety netting, sports netting and others. They required a stock management solution that would be robust, easy to use and flexible.

The desired solution was a simple stock tracking system that will enable users to track stock levels and locations within the warehouse to increase efficiency of production. The system also keeps track of wasted/spoiled stock.

Huck Nets UK Ltd

SafetyNet Services - Booking Management - NetLog

SafetyNet Services is a rental company that provides and installs safety netting for industrial builds. They required software to both manage the tracking of their asset booking and ensure that their nets adhere to UK safety standards. This requires that the nets undergo checks and cannot be booked to site without these tests and certification. 

I also wrote the software for the company, Huck Nets, that produces these safety nets and many other assets and tracks the results of the tests and generates the certificates. 

GS Productivity Solutions - CNC Reporter

GS Productivity Solutions - CNC Reporter*

Based in Bristol, UK, GS Productivity Solutions Limited (GSPS) is made up of associate specialists in probing, process monitoring and data collection in the field of CNC Machining. CNC Reporter is a “Process Monitoring” application that allows “real-time” collection and reporting of measurement (probing) data and other machine performance information direct from computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. We developed a Windows Forms application to supersede an existing Excel/Macro based application. The upgrade would involve a .Net forms application front end and an Microsoft SQL server backend database.

Dulas - Project Management - MicroGen

I was brought in to help with an in-house software development that would manage the full process cycle of their projects from design, implementation and billing.

Working with Dulas we utilised an existing database schema and designed and developed phase 1 of a Windows Forms application that was to supersede their existing Access application.

Skye Instruments - Weather Station

Skye Instruments - Weather Station

Integrated with legacy hardware utilising FTP the new system supports a live view of their weather station including bulk downloads and dynamic live view chart components The proposed solution was to develop a dual application, one that would run within a docker container and consist of 2 parts, a web application for managing the clients and displaying data and an integrated FTP server in order to communicate with, and collect data from the legacy device which was limited to writing tabular data to an FTP server. The integrated FTP server interrogates FTP writes looking for the weather station data and writes this data into a MySQL server. The website uses client side JavaScript to frequently poll the server for the latest data values and uses Highcharts controls to visualise this data and update the charts live.

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