Hologic - Human Genetic Profiling - Athena

Hologic - Human Genetic Profiling - Athena

The application was developed for the Dor Yeshorim project. Dor Yeshorim was built on the premise that recessive genetic disorders, prevalent in Jewish circles, have absolutely no reason to be perpetuated. In fact, as evidenced by the elimination of Tay Sachs, our goal is to eradicate fatal and debilitating recessive genetic disease from the Jewish community through premarital genetic screening, genetic research and the development of reliable testing methods. This took the form of a web based, mission critical, system designed to track the DNA samples input by multiple DNA interpreters, concurrently for a given sample. The system was integrated with a 3rd party system in the US and was utilised by local rabbis to ensure that marriages, within these communities, were approved. Only after genetic analysis of the individuals in question, would a marriage be approved, with the purpose of reducing the occurrences of hereditary diseases, such as cystic fibrosis.

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