Natural Resources Wales - Land Surveys Collector

LANDMAP is a unique system, allowing information about the landscape to be gathered, organised and evaluated into a nationally consistent data set. LANDMAP Information is collected in a structured and rigorous way that aims to be as objective as possible. Its database contains both relatively objective information - such as rock type and historical information - and more subjective information, such as sensory responses and cultural interpretation. LANDMAP information can also be combined with contextual socio-economic information.

Welsh Assembly Government - Google Server & Document Management

A project for the Welsh Government with the goal of providing internal organisation for documents and improved classification and ease of access. This was supported with the use of Google hardware that was available at this time. After significant breakdown and confirmation of the device, this was integrated into the client's network with a PHP interface for formatting and communicating requests to the Google search machine and returning the matches to the user for document access.

Natural Resources Wales - Landmap

Natural Resources Wales - Landmap V2

A national project for the Welsh Government under Natural Resources Wales (NRW). The Landmap a tool to help sustainable decision-making and natural resource planning at a range of levels from local to national whilst ensuring transparency in decision-making A national project for the Welsh Government under Natural Resources Wales (NRW). The client wanted to replace a legacy VB6 and SQL Server database backend application with a web application equivalent that would support spreadsheet-like editing of Landmap survey data. The application was to support SQL view access to the shape data for use with mapping tools such as Arc view and MapInfo and have a HTML report for each survey. A recent update this year was an additional request to fully integrate Shape data into the SQL Server database and support Google maps integration with survey area overlays

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