By Alex Matthews

Merlin - National Farm Assurance & Membership Management

A conversion of a legacy VB.Net Windows Forms application into a web based solution supporting integration with numerous third parties including well known entities such as Red Tractor and DEFRA.

This web application is used to run the majority of the organisation's activities. This includes membership and the management of several UKAS accredited farm assurance schemes. Functionality includes Direct Debit payment processing, numerous API integrations, farm assessments and certification. This project has provided exceptional value for money providing significant savings in organisation running costs.

Key Features

  • 1. Membership Management
  • 2. Direct Debit integration
  • 3. Customisable data definitions with editable standards and other membership data collection
  • 4. Dynamic PDF document generation
  • 5. Integrated WYSIWYG mail merge support
  • 6. Batch processing
  • 7. Automated emailing or snailmail dispatch list
  • 8. Bulk printing with full printer feature support
  • 9. Excel imports and exports
  • 10. Document management
  • 11. 5 x API's for integrations including progressive web application for onsite data collection
  • 12. Google maps integration


  • 1. Ruby on Rails
  • 2. MySQL
  • 3. VB.Net Windows Service (print requests)
  • 4. Apache & Passenger


  • 1. Docker & Docker Compose
  • 2. Bootstrap
  • 3. Datatables
  • 4. jQuery
  • 5. Declarative Authorization
  • 6. Task scheduling with cron/whenever
  • 7. Google charts & Google maps


  • Project Manager - Alex Matthews
  • Systems Architects  - Alex Matthews & Simon Hulse
  • Developers - Alex Matthews & Simon Hulse
  • Testers - Alex Matthews & Simon Hulse

* Whilst under contract with SmartData UK Ltd

*  AIM Development continues to support this project independently

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