By Alex Matthews

Quartz - Time Management

A windows forms application closely integrated with Windows operating system written using the .Net framework for the purpose of logging time and providing analytical tools and general time management.

The application provides a very accurate and visual representation of tasks using a schedule view. Rather than logging time with a set timer the system continuously runs a timer and utilises a hierarchical context menu on an icon in the taskbar to identify changes between tasks, making recording very easy and efficient. Complex reports are made easy with a mechanism to build up criteria as required and many visual report modes are supported along with standard Excel and pdf representations.

Key Features

  • 1. Automaitc time tracking
  • 2. Custom project structure, supporting true Work Breakdown Structure
  • 3. Graphical Outlook style schedule
  • 4. Custom reports and graphical representation
  • 5. Expenses tracking
  • 6. Bill different hourly rates to different projects/clients
  • 7. Client management
  • 8. Contract & overtime management
  • 9. Active Directory integration
  • 10. Billable efficiency
  • 11. Project time management
  • 12. Direct user monitoring


  • 1. Visual Basic .Net
  • 2. Microsoft SQL Server


  • 1. Infragistics Controls & charting
  • 2. Biometric Fingerprint scanning


  • Project Manager - Alex Matthews
  • Systems Architect - Alex Matthews
  • Developers - Alex Matthews
  • Testers - Alex Matthews & Simon Hulse

Sole Architect

* Whilst under contract with SmartData UK Ltd

Example application screenshots

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