QWFC - Farm Assurance Management - Llew

This was the original version of the Farm Assured Welsh Lamb membership system that I created. It was my first project as a commercial developer. The system provided the full range of tasks required to run this scheme from certification to inspection and billing.

Welsh Lamb and Beef Promotions Ltd

QWFC - Multiple Scheme Management - Ddraig

SmartData have developed software that is used to run the organisations activities. This includes membership and the management of several UKAS accredited farm assurance schemes, including farm assessments and certifications. This project has provided exceptional value for money providing savings in organisation running costs in excess of £20,000 annually (verification can be provided if required).

Hybu Cig Cymru - Contact Management & Marketing - WebSys

Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is the organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat.

We developed a contact management application that would aid them in their efforts of meat promotion. The application was written in VB.Net and utilises a Microsoft SQL Server database backend.

Rachel's Organic Website

A local dairy mass producing an array of delicacies required us to support their website and maintain the product line.

WLBP - Organic website

I was commissioned to create a basic content managed website (CMS) for WLBP in order to provide information related for members of the Welsh Organic Scheme.

WLBP - CMS Website

I was commissioned to create a basic content managed website (CMS) for WLBP in order to provide information related for the main company Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers Ltd.

Livestock Marketing - Joomla Upgrade

An upgrade from a legacy PHP application to Joomla with a custom component for abattoirs to login and review kill statistics and historical records

Livestock Marketing - Supply Chain Management

Livestock Marketing - Supply Chain Management

An existing client requested an upgrade to their Joomla Content Management System. Utilising custom PHP components that intergrade via MSSQL/MySQL data replication tools, allowing members to both sign up and maintain their existing membership profiles The upgraded solution replaced their legacy Joomla website and allows their members to sign up and maintain their existing membership profiles via a modern web interface despite some of the legacy components they wished to keep which includes their Windows Forms application I had written previously. This system supported Direct Debit integration with their selected Bacs bureau.

Farmer's Union of Wales - CMS Website

The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW), a member organisation, was formed in 1955 to protect and advance the interests of those who derive an income from Welsh agriculture.

I was tasked with providing a new Content Managed System for FUW and training for the staff member who would be maintaining the content.

Hybu Cig Cymru - Farm Surveys & Analysis

Hybu Cig Cymru - Farm Surveys & Analysis

Stoc+ aims to support beef and sheep farmers in Wales to work closely with their vets on proactive animal health planning. This programme builds on the importance of animal health and welfare in improving production efficiency and sustainability. This application manages the scheduling of vets to farms for inspeciton. Due to potentialk for connectivity issues and the purpose of familiarity Micro0soft Excel is used to collect data onsite and is then imported into the application. Then the system is able to generate a dynamic report in Microsoft Word, summarising issues and making recommendations for improvement. This format was requested to easily support the addition of custom content as required by the user.
AA International - Pictorial Evaluation Tools

AA International - Pictorial Evaluation Tools

An application developed for the purpose of helping 3rd world countries keep track of the growth progress of crops and estimated yield, with the primary goal of ensuring that there is enough food for the population, provide sufficient warning of shortfalls and also to advise the locals on better production methodologies whilst working closely with other world leading organisations in the field of agriculture. This solution was split into 2 components: the main web application and database for central store of data and an android application that interacts with the main application via a restful API. The mobile application is installed on even the cheapest of phones and downloads a survey definition for different crops and animals which includes example images of crops in varying stages of development and similar images for animal development/states.

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