By Alex Matthews

InSynch - Brain - Marketing and Performance Analysis

An application developed for the purpose streamlining the choices of potential marketing tasks by client sector and analysing the results of those actions to further improve subsequent marketing activities by client sector

This tool supports a self referencing structural hierarchy of marketing actions and using a star rating system based on the results of previous marketing tasks, aims to utilise the feedback to further promote the most effective marketing strategies by client company sector.

Key Features

  • 1. Account management
  • 2. Custom permissions
  • 3. 3rd party integrations with Harvest a commonly used time management and billing platform
  • 4.Self referencing hierarchical structures and task filtering
  • 5. Star ratings and advanced filtering of untested marketing opportunities


  • 1. Ruby on Rails
  • 2. MySQL
  • 3. Apache


  • 1. Open Auth - Harvest & Google authentication Integrations
  • 2. DataTables
  • 3. jQuery
  • 4. Docker
  • 5. Bootstrap


  • Project Manager - Alex Matthews
  • Systems Architect - Alex Matthews
  • Testers - Alex Matthews
  • Developers - Alex Matthews

Sole Architect

* Whilst under contract with SmartData UK Ltd

Example application screenshots

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