QWFC - Farm Assurance Management - Llew

This was the original version of the Farm Assured Welsh Lamb membership system that I created. It was my first project as a commercial developer. The system provided the full range of tasks required to run this scheme from certification to inspection and billing.

Welsh Lamb and Beef Promotions Ltd

Natural Resources Wales - Land Surveys Collector

LANDMAP is a unique system, allowing information about the landscape to be gathered, organised and evaluated into a nationally consistent data set. LANDMAP Information is collected in a structured and rigorous way that aims to be as objective as possible. Its database contains both relatively objective information - such as rock type and historical information - and more subjective information, such as sensory responses and cultural interpretation. LANDMAP information can also be combined with contextual socio-economic information.

Innovis - Laboratory Information Management System - Scrapie

As a leading provider of scrapie genotyping Innovis required a fully automated management system. SmartData provided the Scrapie database and management system. This manages application and dispatch of scrapie sample kits to clients, tracking of scrapie samples through use of barcode technology and report generation.

QWFC - Scanning & Document Management

Implement a bulk scanning system for QWFC with the purpose of reducing the vast amounts of paper documentation that needed to be kept for a number of years, This new system allowed for documents to be scanned in and automatically linked with member records a within their membership management system.

QWFC - Multiple Scheme Management - Ddraig

SmartData have developed software that is used to run the organisations activities. This includes membership and the management of several UKAS accredited farm assurance schemes, including farm assessments and certifications. This project has provided exceptional value for money providing savings in organisation running costs in excess of £20,000 annually (verification can be provided if required).

Huck Nets - Safety Net Testing & Certification

A referral from an existing client in the SafetyNet rental industry put us in contact with the manufacturer. Huck Nets UK Ltd manufactures and sells a number of different styles of nets including safety netting, sports netting and others. They required a stock management solution that would be robust, easy to use and flexible.

The desired solution was a simple stock tracking system that will enable users to track stock levels and locations within the warehouse to increase efficiency of production. The system also keeps track of wasted/spoiled stock.

Huck Nets UK Ltd

SafetyNet Services - Booking Management - NetLog

SafetyNet Services is a rental company that provides and installs safety netting for industrial builds. They required software to both manage the tracking of their asset booking and ensure that their nets adhere to UK safety standards. This requires that the nets undergo checks and cannot be booked to site without these tests and certification. 

I also wrote the software for the company, Huck Nets, that produces these safety nets and many other assets and tracks the results of the tests and generates the certificates. 

Innovis - Parasitology

CBS Parasitology required a flexible sample tracking application that would allow them to easily record and manage large numbers of animal faecal samples as they move through the testing process to the end report/result delivery to the client. 

  • Features included csv results importing along with manual data entry
  • Barcode generation and scanning
  • Exports to Excel
  • Mail merges and Crystal Reporting
This solution became a stepping stone to a more complex application developed at a later date

Hybu Cig Cymru - Contact Management & Marketing - WebSys

Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is the organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat.

We developed a contact management application that would aid them in their efforts of meat promotion. The application was written in VB.Net and utilises a Microsoft SQL Server database backend.

Hologic - Human Genetic Profiling - Athena

Hologic - Human Genetic Profiling - Athena

The application was developed for the Dor Yeshorim project. Dor Yeshorim was built on the premise that recessive genetic disorders, prevalent in Jewish circles, have absolutely no reason to be perpetuated. In fact, as evidenced by the elimination of Tay Sachs, our goal is to eradicate fatal and debilitating recessive genetic disease from the Jewish community through premarital genetic screening, genetic research and the development of reliable testing methods. This took the form of a web based, mission critical, system designed to track the DNA samples input by multiple DNA interpreters, concurrently for a given sample. The system was integrated with a 3rd party system in the US and was utilised by local rabbis to ensure that marriages, within these communities, were approved. Only after genetic analysis of the individuals in question, would a marriage be approved, with the purpose of reducing the occurrences of hereditary diseases, such as cystic fibrosis.

Innovis - Laboratory Information Management System - Multiple Project Support - Catapult

An upgrade of the previous Scrapie testing system to a modular, Enterprise level, application written in VB.Net to support multiple LIMS testing models and custom imports and reports for each.

As a leading provider of scrapie genotyping Innovis required a fully automated management system. SmartData provided the Scrapie database and management system. This manages application and dispatch of scrapie sample kits to clients, tracking of scrapie samples through use of barcode technology and report generation.

Summit Cycles - Dyfi Enduro Race Management

A Windows Forms application working along side a registration website that managed the Dyfi Enduro signup and the finish line. Providing a detailed summary of the participants and their place numbers following the competition.


A Joomla Content Managed System for bookings and promotion of local reflexology services I was asked to help the client create an attractive website to promote local services to the community. Joomla CMS was chosen along with YooTheme for easy maintenance and updates.

Adaptics - Stock Management with integrated web component

Winslow is an international electronic components manufacturer and distributor. The Sauria software developed by SmartData provides an online searchable catalogue of their stock with scope for future expandability to support the requirements of full stock managements and integration with their electronic warehouse shelving system.

Welsh Assembly Government - Google Server & Document Management

A project for the Welsh Government with the goal of providing internal organisation for documents and improved classification and ease of access. This was supported with the use of Google hardware that was available at this time. After significant breakdown and confirmation of the device, this was integrated into the client's network with a PHP interface for formatting and communicating requests to the Google search machine and returning the matches to the user for document access.

Rachel's Organic Website

A local dairy mass producing an array of delicacies required us to support their website and maintain the product line.

University of Wales - Organic Centre Questionnaire

University of Wales Aberystwyth UWA contracted us to develop an online survey. The fit for the future survey is a national, online survey that was created to help farmers think about whether they, and their farms are fit for the future. The survey's questions have weighted answers and these are grouped into sections that are summarised and compared against similar farmers who have already completed the survey. The graphical summary will not only indicate the position compared to the average but will also provide suggestions and informative links to help farmers improve the way they manage their farms. This information allows them and their families to prosper in the future whilst supporting the environment and local wild life.

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